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    High-end Deens design-brillen, handgemaakt in Japan.

    “This story begins with color: it shapes all of our thinking, from idea to product. We consider it a given that our exclusive frames must be superior in terms of quality, materials, and design; three basic traits that have ensured our global success for the past 20 years. Always pursuing the perfect line, we aim to craft frames that are contemporary, innovative, and most importantly, look great on faces, but the one element we truly excel at is mastering color.”


    Henrik Ørgreen

    Een greep uit de collectie:

    Orgreen Optics – Oliver
    Orgreen Optics – Javier
    Orgreen Optics – Thomas
    Orgreen Optics – Coeda
    Orgreen Optics – Eja
    Orgreen Optics – Alma

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    Wil je meer weten over Orgreen?

    Kom langs in de winkel we hebben een speciale Orgreen hoek ingericht. Of maak een afspraak dan weet je zeker dat we alle tijd voor u hebben.